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HCX Migration Known Issues and Solution-Lessons Learnt !

Problem StatementReasonSolution
Failed to create the replica placeholder disks at the target site. Unable to create dummy disk at target siteTarget is having the folder with the same nameSearch the folder with VM name in datastore and delete before starting the replication
VM power off task status failed during VR migrationServer did not powered off during the cutoverSelect forced power off option before migrating the server
Failed to enable replication. Enable replication on HBR manager failedServer is having RDM or Source ESXi is not in healthy stateConvert RDM into VMDK or change the compatibility mode physical to virtual
Replication stuck at any pointDisk is added or removed during the replicationDo not do any hardware changes during replication
Fleet applaince is not found for the serverMigration service is not deployed for clusterIncluded that cluster in any existing migration service or deploy new CGW for that cluster
Cutover failed due to reserver MAC addressVM is having vCenter reserve MAC addressDo not select option ‘retain MAC address’
Table: HCX Migration Lessons Learnt

Dhiraj Dhall has more than 15 years of transformation delivery experience in cloud computing, infrastructure, dev-ops, microservices and container with larger global customers. He is a senior Architect and successfully delivered various kind of global project delivery such as greenfield, consolidation, SDDC and migration. 

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